December 28, 2011

True life is lived when tiny changes occur.

Rant and Tip for December 28, 2011

Quote: True life is lived when tiny changes occur. - Leo Tolstoy

We all strive to hit our goals whether it is a weight loss goal, an exercise goal or a career goal. These goals are best reached through tiny changes in our lifestyle. Sometimes the lifestyle changes are big though and at times we wonder if it s all worth the tiny changes that do occur. We must all remember that only through those tiny changes will we achieve our goals. Losing a pounds of fat, or adding a pounds to the bar. They both happen a little at a time. Enjoy the small changes and look forward to the big changes in your life.

Squats went well yesterday and I have to say I felt really tired last night. That is the thing when you work legs you will need the time to rest to let them recuperate. Today is a raw bench day and time to get heavy and serious and I assure you I will. I had a friend ask me last night how much time I spend in the gym. I told him I only spend about an hour a day in the gym working out. I would like to take an hour and a half to work out but I only have an hour mid day to hit the weights at this time. I think he thought that I spent more time in the gym than that. The thing is when your time is limited you have to make the best of it and for that hour I really hit the weights. I do not pay attention to nothing but the steel in my hands and the work ahead of me. Gym time is not the time to spend socializing; it is not the time to ogle the one of the other gym attendees. When you go to exercise whether it is at home or in the gym treat it like work. Work it for that hour or whatever time you have. Do not waste your time with chitchat that can occur later. As far as the hot girl or guy running on the treadmill, let them check you out instead. This is the time to work it and work it hard.

Part of my conversation with my friend last night was regarding our diet. First thing is we all have to remember we are all different. We have different metabolisms and what my carbohydrate level is may be to many for someone else. However the one thing that is consistent is the need to track you food. At least until you have a handle on portion size. When I first started tracking my food being an American I opted for cups for measuring. This really started to agitate me. I would try to put broccoli in a cup and the cup would be filled with voids as well. Did I really get a cup of broccoli. NO! I switched to using a scale and everything fell in to place from there. You can get a nice digital scale through Amazon or any Walmart or other department store. I prefer to measure by grams now but ounces will work for you as well. I guess the lesson of the day here is to track your food by weight not by measuring cups.

Tip: If you want to increase your bench press, here are two tips to assist you with that. First when setting up on the bench make sure you are creating a solid platform to push from. Get your should back and in tight. Imaging holding a quarter between you shoulder blades this will give you that good strong base. Next when you grab the bar do not be lazy about it. Grasp it firmly and with authority. Squeeze the bar. This also gives you a strong start point on your bench press.

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