December 13, 2011

All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better

Rant and Tip December 13, 2011

Quote: “All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

I was sitting with a friend at my son’s scout meeting and he found this quote. Thank you Brent. If we do not take the time to experiment through out our lives we will fall into ruts. These little ruts are filled with boredom and malaise. This is when we get into some bad habits as well. Bad eating habits and not taking the time to exercise and getting an all around poor attitude towards life. No matter what age you are if you take the time to experiment with something new you will find a new zest for life.

Benching went well yesterday although my shoulders are a little sore. I started another 16-week cycle that I downloaded from Dr. Fred Hatfield's website, affectionately known as Dr. Squat. This time I set my one rep max in the calculator as 330 for the Bench. At the end of the cycle the program has me hitting 330 for a set of 5. If I work it hard enough this should get me to the goals I have set for next year. I will download another program for my squat as well using 350 as my one rep max. I truly believe my one rep max is higher than this but want to be conservative in my squat to save my shoulders in the bench. Deadlifts will be set at 415 and work towards doing that for a set of 5. These programs seem to work well for me and it sets one week heavy and the next week lighter. Then the following week is set at a heavier weight than the previous heavy week. This aids in the muscle confusion. Now I do not stop at the 5x5 cycle for the day either. I do supportive exercises as well as long as time permits for that work out. On my benching days I add in incline dumbbell presses and flies. I really enjoy the flies.  On my squat days like today not only will I hit my squats but I will also hit the leg press machine after that along with some leg curls. Time permitting I will also get some leg extensions in.

My fuel for these workouts tends to increase. It will seem like I am eating almost non-stop before my workout and then the first half an hour after the workout. After that I will eat like a pauper. While I want to increase strength and add some more muscle mass I need to be careful not to push myself out of the 74 kg weight class for the IPF World Bench Press Meet in Plzen Czech Republic. I am really concerned about this and as long as I keep it in the forefront of my mind I will be on track. Although I am 6 months out from the meet I will continue to be strict with my diet. If I stay strict now I will not have a challenge as the meet gets close. Even through the rest of the holidays my diet will be on track. It will just take planning and discipline. It is not even will power at this point anymore. I know what and when to eat at this point and will do so.

Have a great workout!

Tip:  Take the time to experiment with different types of exercise. Find something you enjoy doing. Once you find it you will be able to make it your exercise passion.

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