Exercise Schedule

A more advanced workout for those interested or ready
If you are a beginner or intermediate level in your fitness routine please feel free to check the links to the right for a less strenuous but hopefully challenging routine that will fit your personal fitness level.

Here is a new schedule for more advanced workouts. Along with the schedule below please do cardio 3 days a week for 20 minutes and crunches nightly. Get Sweating!!!

Monday: Legs
Squats- 4 sets 10
Calf raises- 4 sets 10
Thigh extensions if doing at home try sitting on a chair with a dumbbell held with your feet
4 sets 10
Lunges - 4 sets of 10 Leg curls - 4 sets of 10

Tuesday : Back
Wide grip lat pull downs - 4 sets 10
Seated rows - 4 sets 10
Close grip lat pull downs - 4 sets 10
Shrugs - 4 sets 10
Weighted or not I prefer weighted hyper-extensions - 4 sets 10

For those working out at home:
Dumbbell rows 4 sets of 10
Weighted hyper-extensions - 4 sets 10
Shrugs - 4 sets 10
Pull ups or let downs 4 sets of 5 Pull ups if you can do them lets downs till you can.

Wednesday: Chest
Incline dumbbell press - 4 sets 10
Flat dumbbell press - 4 sets 10
Decline barbell press - 4 sets 10
Dumbbell flies - 4 sets 10

Thursday: Shoulders
Dumbbell press - 4 sets 10
Side laterals - 4 sets 10
Front dumbbell raises - 4 sets 10
Bent-over dumbbell laterals - 4 sets 10

Friday: Arms
Skull crushers - 4 sets 10
close grip bench or Cable push downs -4 sets 10
Overhead triceps press - 4 sets 10
Bench dips - 4 sets 10

Dumbbell curls - 4 sets 10
Preacher curls - 4 sets 10
Concentration curls - 4 sets 10

Lets give this a shot for a while.


  1. I'm only 15 lbs off the women's open record (and there is no record for over age 34). And that's for 10 reps. Hmmm...

  2. Erin come to the June 4th event in Johnson City.

  3. Dang it - I'm doing the Freihofer Run for Women that day.

  4. Dead lift...."be prepared for the bar to ride up your legs."

    What do you mean by this?

  5. When you pull a heavier weight the bar will tend to drag up your shins. They can get scratched up a bit. During a meet you have to wear socks up to your knees.

  6. Helpful post today!

  7. Thank you Cyndi. I am so glad you are able to benefit from my ramblings.

  8. all of this are super set?do you have for 3 months in work out..i am working for 3 months now..but i got different program.

  9. Bobie,

    You can do this 3 months in. ! minute rest between sets or until you breathing in normal again. Make sure you are using a weight that is heavy enough so the last 2 reps of the last set is very hard to get out.