March 13, 2018

Fitness and Diet to live.

Quote of the Day; "Eat to Live Not Live to Eat"
By Benjamin Franklin

          Benjamin Franklin is one of the United States Founding fathers. While he did not hold the highest position in our government he did have a huge impact on the newly created government. Most people remember him as a political figure. However he was also an inventor and a humanitarian. He is credited with the quote of the day.

          Many of us have done this. We celebrate holidays with food and drink and often eat foods that are not the healthiest for us as well as over eating as well. Consuming too much food as well as forgoing exercise for the day of the feast. Now understand I am not saying we should not enjoy these celebrations however we can still be smart about it. Consuming the delectable treats in moderation and still plan our exercise at some point in the day, whether it be a brisk walk or something more intense.

          I am guilty as well of the scenario of over eating at an event. When this happens my body kind of does a little revolt against me. The next day I feel sluggish and over tired. If I had simply enjoyed without over eating it would have been a more enjoyable experience.

          Eating to live is just that, looking at food as a fuel not an activity. Your car uses gas as fuel to propel you to your destination. Food is the fuel to enable you to enjoy physical activity. Now if you put bad fuel in your car it will be sluggish and not perform well. Your body is the same way.

TIP of the day: Take a daily look at your eating habits each evening and ask yourself did you, “Eat to Live or Live to Eat.” And make your adjustments from there.