October 6, 2016

"Wesley (Jim) Kipp" 5 Time Bench Press National Champion

Quote: Hard work beats talent, when talent does not work hard! by Tim Notke

   Tim was a High School basketball coach. He is credited with the quote above. Having helped coach some of my children's recreation sports teams I have seen this often. Some really talented kids, who just did not want to work hard. 

    I look at myself this way currently, I have been called a talented lifter and when I hear this I think to myself, OK, now I just have to work hard.

I have been very fortunate to have been on 4 USA Powerlifting World teams. I have won one World Championship and been fortunate to have acquired one World Record in my Wife’s home country of Brazil. I am a Masters 2 lifter and compete in both Masters and Open divisions. 
   Well I am working hard and I am training to bring home the Gold Medal, my second World Championship next May in Lithuania. I will be competing in the International Powerlifting World Bench-press Championships 2017. With talent and hard work I know I can bring home the gold and maybe even set another World Record.  

    The fact that most people never get a chance to represent their country in an athletic event is not lost on me. I feel very blessed.

    Traveling as part of  USA Powerliftings World Team can get very expensive. This is an amateur sport and there is no money to win. Just the feeling you get when you stand on that platform with the National Anthem playing.

    I was talking to my neighbor Tim, and he put together a YouTube Video that I will share with you all.

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