August 26, 2019

"You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough."

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” 

― Mae West

Mae West was an American actress, singer, playwright and comedian.
As we go through life many times, we just go through the motions not realizing that we are not actively living it. We forget to take care of ourselves and emotionally and physically. Having, as far as we know, one life to live we need to do it right and if we do it right once may be enough. Depending on your belief that is. Some people do believe in past lives, but that is for another blog.
I take this quote to remind myself to take care of my health and to take care of my emotional well being as well. Taking care of my health requires a me to dedicate myself to get proper exercise and eat properly to control my diabetes. Apparently, my pancreas doesn’t like me, and it is genetic. Those who know me, know I have been in the gym regularly since 2008 when I was obese, you can check out the page “Who is Jim Kipp” 

Like most people I have those times in my life where I don’t feel like getting to the gym, and like as of late, I have been sick and plagued with some minor injuries. Tendonitis and a summer cold that is just kicking my butt. Once we miss a few training sessions is can be hard to get back into it. The same thing happens when you change to diet to a less than healthy regimen. Both these scenarios can be fixed though. It is just a matter of a little will power and taking each day one at a time.

Plan your meals and schedule your workouts. I currently train at the gym at 5am, this is the time I schedule my workouts, not easy to get up and get to the gym at that time. But it is the best time for me to get my own training.  At 6:30 at night I dedicate myself to training others till 8PM after that it is time with my wife to take care of my emotional health.

Planning your meals is just as important. Being diabetic I am, with my wife’s assistance very conscious of the amount of simple carbohydrates I eat. When I was obese, I lost a lot of weight by eating low carb and learned how to buid muscle mass on by adding complex carbs around my workouts. This was important to be able to maintain a healthy balance.

We all have challenges in life but if we live out lives to the fullest by taking care of our health with proper diet and exercise, we can a live this one life we have and complete if feeling it was enough.

TIP: Get a journal and track  your diet and exercise. You will be surprised how your diet will affect the productivity of your exercise.