December 9, 2011

“The difference between a goal and a dream is a deadline.”

Rant and Tip for December 9, 2011

Quote: “The difference between a goal and a dream is a deadline.” -Steve Smith

As I was looking for a quote today this one jumped out at me. I find it falls in line with our goal setting. The one thing I do want to say here is that as far as losing that unwanted body fat, make the deadline a soft deadline. We do not want to get all discouraged if we do not hit the goal by the deadline set. Losing body fat is a personal journey and losing the weight will not come off as fast as someone else. We are all different in this respect. Still set a goal deadline though, this will keep you honest in your efforts and it will also motivate you to the prize at the deadline. A new healthier you.

Core training went well yesterday and I am sore today. I will be working my back today. Really hitting my middle and lower trapezius muscles to avoid the imbalance that has caused the tendon pain I get in my right bicep. I always thought I had a strong back. In fact what I have is large lats, I still need to work on the other muscles of the back with the intensity that I work my bench press. I had an interview with a national magazine yesterday and the gentleman doing the interview happened to be a world powerlifting competitor. Marty Gallagher without knowing me personally made a suggestion to make sure I work my back. This made sense to time and also may explain why I am able to hit the numbers I do. I do have a large back. I have to tell you a story here. I was walking in front of a friend of mine at work. She is a real jokester and likes to bust ass when she sees an opportunity. Well any way I was wearing a shirt the fit me very well. It really showed the “V” shape of my back. From out of know where I hear her say “Holy crap your back is huge”.  It has actually taken me a while to realize I do have a gifted back. One of the trainers in the gym Russ Testo who is a well known body builder has told me on several occasions that he wished he had a back as big as mine.

Ok lets discuss diet a little and since I have some new readers and have not mentioned this in sometime let me get on the soap box. Your body burns 4 things for fuel, protein, fats, carbohydrates and alcohol. Now first thing to realize alcohol is a toxin and your body does not to share its space with this substance. It will burn the alcohol off first. This means any other fuel taken in at that time becomes stored in the body. Maybe that is where the beer belly comes from. Alcohol and carbs not a good mix. Some people like to say that carbohydrates are the preferred fuels of the body. I know Dr. Oz preaches this. Of course the body prefers it, it burns easily and it is stored as fat for fuel late. Now this is in my humble opinion but it seems to me when we take the easy way out this is when we get into trouble with our diets. Too many carbs become unwanted fat. Personally I prefer fat for fuel. Again in my humble opinion fat is a better fuel for the body. If you are burning fat you are not storing fat. Your brain is 60% fat. I think if it this way. If your brain is 60% fat as the medical field tells us, then why eat a low fat diet. If you eat low fat and that is what your brain consist of, then wouldn’t the brain tell your body to store any fat it does get in an effort to sustain itself? To me it makes sense that low fat diets make us keep the fat on our bodies in an effort to keep the brain functioning at maximum capacity. Again it is important for me to state I am not a medical professional and this is my opinion. I am not saying to stay away from carbs all together and not diet on this planet that is worth its weight in salt will. Even the Atkins diet will teach you how to eat the proper carbs for your diet. It is not a NO CARB diet like many people believe it to be. Get the book my friends

Have a great workout!

Tip: Leave the magazine on the coffee table. It might seem like a great way to keep yourself entertained during a workout, but if you can read captions in a gossip magazine, chances are you're not pushing yourself hard enough. If you're really into reading material, try downloading a podcast or listening to an audio book. (Courtesy of

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