December 8, 2011

One should eat to live, not live to eat. ~Cicero, Rhetoricorum LV

Rant and Tip for December 8, 2011

Quote: One should eat to live, not live to eat.  ~Cicero, Rhetoricorum LV

I have used this quote before but thought it was ideal to use it again. This is how I eat now. I eat to live. I know many people who live to eat. They want the elaborate meal with lots of processed foods and in many cases loaded down with simple sugars. For me the simple sugars are the killer. They are the simple carbohydrates that will process to quickly in my body and then my body cannot process the food fast enough. When this happens the extra glycogen is stored as fat.

Having made the world team I now have to eat to fuel my body. I am eating to live strong. I need to continue to eat properly and maintain a proper weight and the proper conditioning to be successful in the Czech Republic. 5 days a week I will hit the gym either concentrating on my form for the 3 powerlifting lifts or working supporting muscles for those lifts.

There is an old saying that it is all mind over matter. This applies to your age and working out as well. If in your mind you say it does not matter how old I am, it won't matter anymore.

I am going to hit my core today with some weighted exercises including my lower back. Your lower back is part of your core you know. Weight crunches, pull throughs, cable crunches, planks with a plate on my back and side bends, after that maybe a quick 20 minute cardio session.

Have a great workout!

Tip: Print down you workout for the day and make sure you are focused on completing it. Sometimes we get to the gym and think what am I going to do today. Simply write it and do it!

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