December 6, 2011

The power of imagination makes us infinite. John Muir

Rant and Tip for December 6, 2011

Quote: The power of imagination makes us infinite.  John Muir

Let’s take John Muir’s quote and apply it to our everyday quest to getting healthy and fit. If you can take the time every day to imagine that you can change your eating habits forever than you will. If you can take the time to imagine hit new heights in your exercise regimen or just starting a new exercise regimen then you can and will achieve it. I have a couple of lofty goals myself. They involve some big numbers in the powerlifting. I spend just 5 minutes a day writing them down and when I write them down I do not write “I want to lift this much” instead I write “I will lift this much by June 2012. I want to make sure my mind body and soul is ready for the goals I set. Writing them down on paper and imagining it happening helps me get to the next level I want to achieve. You to can benefit from such a task. Take the 5 minutes each day and write down your goal. Write your long-term goal and then the short-term goal of the day.

I did not fuel my body properly yesterday and my lifts showed it. I need to remember eat like a king at breakfast, a nobleman at lunch and a pauper at dinner. If I do eat like a king at breakfast I will be able to fuel my workouts properly. I did grind out 275 for 5 reps even though I had planned 280 for 5. Next week 280 for 5 and I will get each set out. After the barbell benching was done it was time for dumbbell bench presses. I grabbed a couple of 100lb dumbbells and grinded a few sets of 10 out. Well attempted 3 sets of 10. First 10 went just fine solid and strong. The second 10 were a little more difficult to hit and the last set did not quite make it. I will get it next time.

So for breakfast today I will enjoy 4 eggs, some bacon and 6 oz of wild rice. I know some of you are thinking that wild rice is a carb and you are right. However like I have said many times I am able to have complex carbs and still maintain my desired weight. Notice though I am having it for breakfast and I do not have that many carbs at dinner. At dinnertime my carbs come from vegetables. Tonight I am thinking asparagus or broccoli. It is funny yesterday someone asked me if I get tired of eating this way, I responded by telling them my body has always wanted to eat this way and I just never listened. I remember as a kid loving spinach and not because I liked watching Popeye the Sailor. I just enjoyed it. I also would prefer a second serving of meat or in some cases a vegetable. However like most kids I enjoyed the sweets and would eat them as well, but when it came to sit down and eat it was the meat and vegetables that I remember enjoying.

Have a great workout!

Tip: I am going to fall back on the quote for today’s tip. Seriously take the time to imagine hitting your goals. Write them down and be positive in those writings. You will achieve the goal and you will

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