December 16, 2011

Stay committed to your decisions, but stay flexible in your approach

Rant and Tip December 16, 2011

Quote: Stay committed to your decisions, but stay flexible in your approach. – Tony Robbins

I think this quote is perfect for changes being made in your lifestyle. You know I usually feel I have to take time to apply the quote I have chosen, today I do not think anything really needs to be said. “Stay committed to your decisions, but stay flexible in your approach. Doesn’t it really make a lot of sense? What else can be added? Well I guess I can say it is the flexibility in your daily lifestyle and the changes that you are committed to making and you will be successful.

Back work went really well. I was very pleased with my work out and am looking forward to some deadlifts today. I am hoping to nail down my form by March. With my bicep tendonitis the important part of the lift is going to be locking out my triceps so that my arms stay straight and tight. Last time the big thing I realized was that to be successful I needed to get into the right position and when I drove with my legs I had to thrust my hips into the lift. I am counting on increasing my last although unsuccessful 407-lb deadlift by at least 30 lbs. I think this is a conservative number and if all goes well 450 will be hit that day. After the deadlifts I will see how well I feel and do some supportive work on my shoulders. Now usually I would have done the deadlifts and then the rest of my back work the same day. However, since I am not going to go heavy today and just plan to get the form right I will be fine for the day.

I tried something yesterday to verify what I had thought for sometime. I ingested 164 oz of water. I got up this morning to a 2-lb loss. Now you know and have been told my many a person including myself that water is very important to your weight loss. It helps flush out your system and helps you realize when you are actually hungry and not just thirst. Now just as your body is very intelligent and is a machine like no other for some reason we as humans have a tough time realizing that sometimes we are just thirsty and not really hungry. There is no substitute for water. We all like to think that we need something with flavor. However, I find this is not actually the fact. I truly enjoy my water now. The challenge is making sure to drink it. For me to be successful in this challenge I need to keep some in arms reach at all times. As long as it is there I will drink it. Really I am this way with any fluid. If it is in front of me I will drink it. I was very successful with my water intake yesterday and I hope to be just as successful today.

Have a great workout!

Tip: Keep you water bottle full at all


  1. I commit, but I get discouraged at not "seeing quick results" I guess I just need someone to stick with me and ... Love water... drink it all day long

  2. Deb, I understand but rest assured I am here 5 days a week if you need to vent. Results can be slow. But they are still results. So hang in there.

    You can do this