December 28, 2011

My Daughter

The Author of this post is Cheryl Martinez

My daughter recently graduated from college and is going to be starting her first real job as a nurse. She is starting out making enough money to buy her own house. I am so proud of her for finishing school and finding a job so quickly. She is such a grown up already. She says that she wants to live by herself for a little while and she might change her mind after a while. I would feel much better if she at least had a roommate, but I have to remember that she is an adult and can make her own decisions now. She did however, agree to having a security system installed in her new house. I searched Georgia ADT home security to find the systems that were available. She finally admitted to me that having a security system will make her feel more safe. It makes me feel more comfortable about her living alone too. Fortunately, if she ever needed anything, her house is only about ten minutes from our house. I can’t believe that she is so grown up.

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