May 1, 2011

Rant and Tip for May 1, 2011

Good Morning all on this BEAUTIFUL Sunday morning.Today is another day of rest for the muscles. The DOMS is pretty much subsided except for my glutes a little. It seems I am my own "Pain in the ass". LOL I know a poor attempt at humor there, but I had to try. As you all know by now I do not take my own advise very well about letting the muscles rest. However, I think since I have started blogging and putting these things down on "paper" for all to read I feel a responsibility to you and myself to listen to myself. So day 2 of rest for today. I have heard and read that with plenty of rest the muscles get stronger. If you really think about it isn't that why we sleep. To let our bodies rejuvenate. How did I get on this rest topic again. Ugh. In my humble opinion there are 2 things you can still do on rest days. That is cardio for a good 30 minutes and not just a leisurely walk but anything that gets you to a point of having a labored breath. Making it slightly difficult to talk while doing the activity. The other exercise is body weight crunches. It seems the Abs and lower back can handle daily exercise more efficiently than other larger muscle groups.

Tip of the Day:

Unless it is the primary focus of your training, do cardio after, not before, you lift weights. Or do it during another part of the day, or better still, on a separate day. "If you perform aerobic-type exercise first, you'll be fatigued for your weight training," says Cotton. "As a general rule, strength training has less of an impact on cardio than cardio has on strength training."

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