May 11, 2011

Rant and Tip for May 11, 2011

UGH, OK I now know how my day will be or what I need to change it from. I have my rant and tip all typed in here and then my system rebooted to install some updates. The funny part the blog was about preparation and if I had been prepared this would not have happened.. I had even typed it up on Microsoft Word and copied and pasted it in the blog spot. Then bang it happened a reboot. The work doc asked me if I wanted to save it and with out thinking I said no. Then the browser closed before I published. I should have known better. Isn't that life though, we should have known better. Lets take our eating habits. For years doctors have told us diet and exercise will get us fit and healthy. The two go hand in hand, yet we eat in a fashion that puts extra fat on our bodies and then life happens, marriage, house, kids, work, and we forget to or feel we just don't have time exercise. So lets address this. I am about 5 lbs from the weight I want to be the night before my event on June 4th. I want to weigh in at 163and eat like a horse the night before so I can have the strength and fuel to press some heavy weight. I will be tracking my foods in You can use Fit day or Fat Secret. Both are free online food trackers. Also I will be weighing my foods to make sure that my amounts are accurate. You can get a good digital scale here. This is very important so I can make sure my protein levels are where I want them to be while reducing my carbohydrate intake to about 30. I will not worry about fat at this point but if the last week gets tight I will reduce them and increase my cardio. The key here is to prepare my foods ahead of time or be stuck eating tuna all week long. Don't get me wrong I love tuna, however I do need a change once in a while. I will prepare some chicken the night before and have that for my lunches and some vitamin rich vegetables.  I love my green vegetables. I remember even as a kid I enjoyed my spinach.

Have a great workout

Tip of the day:

Preparation. Be sure to prepare for you day the night before if you want to be successful in you lifestyle change. Here is the challenge. I remember as a child that I truly enjoyed eating meat and vegetables. OK OK maybe not all vegetables but I do remember loving spinach. As we get older and busier if just becomes to grab some convenience food and eat that. Typically these foods are rich in simple carbohydrates and unhealthy fats as apposed to healthy fats. So prepare the night before and make those foods your convenience  foods


  1. Here is my original post this morning that I thought I lost. Which do you like better

    Good morning my friends,
    Today is my chest day again. I am hoping to go heavy today and push hard and maybe put up 320, we will see. My eating has been all over the place. I have to get back to basics and track my intake diligently. I am not putting on any fat as a matter of fact I am seeing striations in my shoulders when I do my curls and shoulder work. I will be using to make sure my calories are where they need to be to drop the 5 pounds to get me to 163 for my event on June 4th. You can get a free account at Fit Day for yourself or you can use Fat Secret. Try them both and use the one you like best. I will be reducing my carbohydrate intake to about 25 to 30 grams while keeping my protein at around 240 grams. My fats I will not worry about at this point. My body burns fat for fuel very efficciently and I expect to drop the 5 lbs fairly quickly. This way I can eat like a horse the night before the event and make sure I have the fuel for big lifts on the big day. For years our doctors have told us it takes diet and exercise to control our weight and to be healthier. Unfortunately they are right. The debate out there though is what is the right diet. Well for me Atkins has worked very well. I remember as a kid and as a young adult I preferred a piece of steak with spinach over a piece of cake for snack. The problem became the cake and other sugar rich foods were too easy to get.. So it was a matter of convenience.

  2. And yet this was the day that I didn't bother eating until almost noon. :(