May 10, 2011

Rant and Tip for May 10, 2011

I set up a facebook page last night for this blog. So click on the like button and let’s see who is out there. I worked some squats in late last night and made sure I went all the way down. I am finding it takes my legs a much longer time to get warmed up compared to my chest. This does make sense though since they are larger muscle groups that are getting engaged. Note to self when I do my first full power lifting meet be sure to warm up enough for the squats and stretch out those hips. There is nothing like pushing yourself to the limit and then a little more. It helps to have a workout partner to help push you but when you do not have one like me yesterday you just need to maintain your focus and push yourself. Make it fun, yell at yourself, Stare in a mirror and build up some adrenalin at the image in the mirror. Because lets think about this, the only person who can beat you in the GYM is you. Don't let that reflection win. You are better than that. You have that person’s number and you are going to show them.

Have a great workout


Mirrors, no not for vanity! They are for form and the reason above. I recently read an article on increasing your own testosterone via natural means. Such as heavy lifts on a consistent basis will trigger the hormone to be released. The other is anger in response to a potential fight. The article suggested staring into a mirror and triggering your adrenalin and release of testosterone through basically picking a fight with yourself. Be careful doing this in a gym though, they may call the men in the white suits.

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