May 26, 2011

Rant and Tip for May 26, 2011

Good Day everyone,

    Before I get to my tip of the day let me ask this question, I am curious how many people follow my blog? You don’t have to sign up with Google to follow of course so leave me a comment today anonymously so I can get a head count. OK now for the rant. The myth that a low carbohydrate diets will lead to a decrease in energy. When it comes to building a lean physique there are diet changes you can do to tip the scales in your favor. You can build lean muscle mass and burn body fat with out feeling fatigued on a low carbohydrate diet. I know I know the thought of eating a low carbohydrate diet scares a lot of people. They fear that they'll lose all their hard-earned muscle, have low energy, and just feel like a piece of crap. Well you might feel like crap the first couple weeks but then you body will get use to the burning fat for fuel. Now I am talking net carbs here everyone. Take the nutritional label and subtract out the sugar alcohol and the dietary fiber carbs and you have you net carbs. In recent study done in Australia they took 60 overweight people and split them into 2 groups. Half were following the typical high carb / low-fat eating plan. The other half followed a low carb / high-fat eating plan. The interesting thing was that the test subjects ability to exercise, energy levels, perceptions of fatigue and exertion – were consistent for both groups. However, the big difference was that the low carb group lost more weight and burned a higher percentage of body fat during exercise than the high carb group. Atkins has laid this all out in their newest book The New Atkins for a New You.. If interested you can pick up here on my blog. Just click the link. So workout and workout hard and if you in fat loss mode do not be afraid of the low carb diet.

Have a Great Workout

Tip of the day:

If you are going to eat low carb you will need to track you carbs carefully. I suggest using Fitday or Fatsecret. They are both free online web applications and I find them very useful.


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