May 13, 2011

Rant and tip for May 12, 2011

Good Morning all,

I worked chest and benching last night. I used a bar called a wobbly bar. It is an odd shaped bar that is more like two h lying on their sides and welded together or something like that. The h's would be end to end. You grasp the bar at the top bar and the weights are on the bottom. This makes it wobble when you lift off. It hits your stabilizing muscles even more than dumbbells do. I was kind of fun to work with it. I also had the guys inspect my squat form and they said it was good. So it is just a matter of adding the weight and getting stronger. I will be scheduling in my cardio this week and sticking to it to make sure I am comfortably under 165. I know I have put on more muscle because the last time I was at 168 I did not have the striations in my legs and shoulders I see now. It can be difficult for you to watch the scale if you are trying to lose fat and put on muscle, So don’t watch the numbers.

Have a great workout

Tip of the day:

You knew this was coming. You may need to get rid of the scale as your fat loss progresses. Get a measuring tape and mark you numbers down and track those instead. Always measure in the same spots and you can even use an online fat percent calculator. They are not the most accurate but it will give you a number to track. I watch the scale only because I want to set a full meet record at 165 lbs. Eventually I will put on enough muscle that I wont be able to compete in that class. When that happens I will have to compete with my friend Brian who is a monster at the deadlift. I have a lot of work ahead of me and thank goodness he competes much younger than I do.

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  1. Good tip, Jim! I sure hate to see when people get stuck about the number on the scale - unless it's for a competition, of course!

    My scale says I've lost 15 pounds in the last 2 months. I've actually lost about 20 pounds and gained 5 pounds of lean muscle mass. No scale is going to tell you that. Mine supposedly does body fat percentage as well, but it's never been accurate. It shows I've lost about 6%, when I've really lost over 9%!