May 3, 2011

Rant and Tip for May 3, 2011

Let' see what to rant about today, deadlifts went well yesterday, my workout partner was not able to workout yesterday so I videoed the lifts. I am still not using my legs enough and will continue to work on that. Form is so important in this lift. If you need to video yourself for your form make sure to use different angles with the camera. It will show different things. The other piece to be careful about is to make sure you are not getting anyone else in the video who may not want to be in it. Yikes the last thing you want is some poor newbie who is just trying to get into shape to be discouraged and think that you are trying to get her or him in for that matter on video for less than honorable reasons. Here is the thing I truly have the utmost respect for anyone, regardless of fitness level who is trying to do something about there situation. In the gym I workout in most of the members are my age or older and are just trying to get healthy. The last thing they need is a blow to their ego where they think why should I even bother. Just be careful if you do need to video your form and make sure you clear it with the gym's management. If you workout at home you can still video, just let your significant other know what your are doing. Oh and remember don't forget to turn the tape off when you are done with your training. We don't want any sex tapes of you floating around now do we. Or maybe we do. LOL

Have a Happy workout!

Tip of the day:

If you do not have a workout partner who can help with the form of a knew exercise then video it. Then compare against the exercise videos I have linked here. It will help keep you safe and reduce the opportunity for injuries.

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