May 16, 2011

Rant and Tip For May 16, 2011

AHHH Monday morning, I love Mondays. I know I know you are thinking this guy must be crazy. Well I have a great job and I know what the routine for the day is going to be. Don't get me wrong I like my weekends to but it is so much easier to stay on my workout schedule during the week. I don't mind giving up my lunchtime to go work out. I just eat at my desk, several times that is. LOL This past weekend was a hectic weekend. My children had sporting events and I had to help get the house ready for a confirmation party. Which meant a lot of foods would be available that although may be delicious just are not going to help me reach my goals with my diet and fitness level. So I stayed away from them. Had a great meal all the same and I even indulged on a glass of my favorite bourbon, Makers Mark. Just one though. OK back to the grind of working out hard. I am going to work on my dead lifts again today and hopefully pull a new personnel best. Wish me luck!!

Have a great Workout

Tip of the day:

Your will power will make you or break you! As my weekend progressed and I say the macaroni salad, the cake, chips and other assorted snacks I stared in amazement. As I was serving the drinks to our guest each beer look pretty good in their mugs. The whiskey sours looked delicious. However I knew that for now those foods and drinks would not touch these lips. I wanted more for myself. I know what my goal is and those foods and drinks will not let me get there. I applied the will power of a Tractor pulling a load and did not give in. You can do it to. APPLY YOUR OWN WILL POWER

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