May 13, 2011

Rant and Tip for May 13, 2011

Well I see blogger is back up and running. I guess that proves that Friday the 13 does have its merit. With that said I have already gotten my leg workout in today. Did leg presses worked up to 700 and did a set of 5. I did 3 sets of 10 working up to 400 at 90 pound intervals and then worked up at sets of 5 at 50 pound intervals to 700. I felt good and strong today. Not sure what else to say her today since it is so late in the day. I ate well today and hope you did as well. It is amazing how eating correctly will help with your workouts and even after you workout. As I sit here I cannot help but think and wonder if I have done 700 before which will bring me to the tip of the day which I should and will start doing.

Have a great Workout

Tip of the day

Keep a log of your workouts so you know what to workout with. When you change things up you sometimes forget what you did on the previous workout and need to really guess at what you really want to start out with and finish with. Get a log book and keep track of your set and your weights. If you are using machines make sure to right down the settings on the particular piece of equipment.

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