April 30, 2011

Rant and Tip for April 30, 2011

Good morning my blogsphere friends,

 After taking assisting my daughters softball team at practice last night, I took my son and daughter to get some ice cream and frozen yogurt. Now wait one minute dont go thinking I was eating ice cream and frozen yougurt, I dont unless my children beg me. You see I am allergic to sugar, It makes me break out in fat. I love that statement. I cannot take credit for it though. I heard it first on the Atkins Boards. Anyway, of course my children wanted to go to different places fortunately for me the stores were right near each other.  Anyway, while at the frozen yogurt establishment I saw a friend who I first met about 5 years ago at a soccer (football for my friends outside the US) game. She remembers me looking like my before photos. She said to me, wow you have really made a change, a complete 180 degree turn. She has stated she reads this blog so let me say to her, Thank You Maggie!.. It is an interesting thing that has happened to me, I have truly embraced and thoroughly enjoy eating the way I do and exercising to the extent I do. It has become an obsession. I can think of other things people are obsessed about and can tell you this happens to be a very healthy obsession. I feel great and from what I am told I look fit and healthy. You can get there to. Make exercise your obsession!

Tip of the day:
Do not do this for anyone else but yourself. Look youself in the mirror in the morning and make the decision to do this for you. If you do this for someone else it will never become something you enjoy doing. It will become something you dred doing and will eventually quit. We both know you do not want that. When my frend Maggie first saw I lost the weight 2 years ago, she may have thought oh good for him, I hope he doesn't put the weight back on. Now she knows I won't, and that my friends is a great feeling. I did this for me and will continue to do it for me, just as you should do this for you.

Happy Work Outs

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