April 27, 2011

Rant and Tip for April 27, 2011

Good Morning people of the blogsphere,

Today will prove interesting. I will work chest today but the best laid plans can always get changed. Originally the thought was to train with some powerlifting friends of mine. Now these guys really know what they are doing. However, as I stated things sometimes change. My son is a cubscout and tonight is his moving up ceremony which means he becomes a Boy Scout. This is a big step and I am so excited for him. I am so proud of both my children. I will still work chest but it will be using dumbbells and the smith machine. When you bench in the Smith Machine it is not the same. Granted it is a lot safer, in that you can set the stops and the weight cannot come crashing down on your chest but the range of motion is dictated to being a straight up and down movement. In actuality a good bench is more like an elongated "C" motion.

I hope everyone is working hard today and make sure you have a Happy workout.

Tip of the day:

Flexibility, no I am not talking  about stretching again. Weren't you paying attention. I mean in your schedule. To many times a person will say, "Oh I can't get to my work out today because this came up". I am saying don't give up.  Just plan another time to do it and if it is a situation where you cannot get to the gym for the weights or you are not home for the weights then do an extra set of stairs for the day. Drop and pump out some pushups. Yeah someone in the office may look at you funny, just don't do it when they are around. Do some desk pushups. Just get the blood flowing my friends. You will be happy you did.

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