April 26, 2011

Rants and Tip for April 26, 2011

Yesterday I worked on my deadlift form. I tried to send them to a friend of mine only to find out my email could not handle the file size. So I am trying to post it to Facebook so he can take a look at my form. I plan on working shoulders today or back. Not sure which yet. Probably my back. I am really trying to figure a proper workout schedule at this time. You see my dilemma is that I like to work on my benching with the guys at Albany Strength, which means I should not work shoulders on Tuesday, I probably shouldn't work back on Tuesdays either, However I know I need to get them both in at some point. I will figure it out and let you all know. Friday has become squat and leg day. That way I hit the big three exercises once a week.

Tip of the day:

Eating, for any weight training it is very important to have the fuel in you body to get the optimal benefit from your workout. If you do a low carb regimen you need to chow down on some healthy fats. Like, an avocado or some nuts about an hour before your workout. If you workout in the morning be sure to have a good breakfast. You may not be able to eat an hour before in that case so shoot for at least 30 minutes. Then with in 30 minutes of completing your workout get some protein in your body. I prefer a protein shake because it is digested quickly and can hit the muscles for repair at a faster rate. Also at that time have some healthy carbohydrates. Based on your personal carbohydrate needs and what your body can handle and still lose body fat.

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