April 24, 2011

Daily Rant and Tip

Happy Easter Everyone,

For all those people who celebrate different religious holidays, have a wonderful day as well. I worked some benching last night and tonight I plan on doing some squats. I will warm up really well and then squat heavy. Working my way below parallel with 400 lbs. It will be very interesting to see what this new training program will be able to do for me.

Tip of the day:

A lot of time we put mental blocks in our way, these mental blocks are harder to beat than the actual weight you are trying to push. Here is one of mine. I have pressed 315 in a bench training session. and that was after an hour workout. While I am confident I can press that amount I have yet to do it in a meet. I have pressed 305 in a USAPL meet. To get to the next level I truly believe that I need to break my mental block of pressing it in a meet. I plan on beating my block by making the 315 a consistent press.  OK what is your mental block and how do you plan on beating it?


  1. Very true about mental blocks! Let me introspect and find mine. I 'm sure I have tons, I just haven't taken the time to identify them. Very thought provoking!

  2. I have a mental block with bench. There is something about having heavy weights over my head that bothers me. Whenever I reach the point where my head is telling me no and my body is telling me yes, I get a spotter. Once I do a weight once, I have no problem trying it again.