April 22, 2011

Daily Rant and Tip For April 22, 2011

       Good morning exercise enthusiast! I am going to work legs today and make sure I get a really good stretch and warm up. I plan on working on some flexibility today. I recently read an article where it stated that power lifters are surprisingly flexible. I  totally understand this. We squat deep and when we bench we create an arch in our backs while keeping our butts on the bench. They take the dead lift. When you pull that weight up yes it is stretching the upper body. Heavy squats will be this weekend. Today being Good Friday, fish will be the protein choice. I enjoy fish. Tuna for lunch maybe a about 8 ounces of Talapia for dinner. A couple of protein shakes through out the day and around the work out and I should be able to hit 250 to 300 grams of protein today.

Tip of the day:

Stretch stretch stretch, Again this is one of those areas I like to preach about but have trouble fitting into my schedule. I find when I put it here as a tip I feel I have to do it or I feel I let you all down. When you stretch the fascia membrane that surrounds the muscle after a workout and then flex after the stretch you are allowing more blood to rush into the muscle thus allowing the muscle more room to grow.  So stretch it out everyone!

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