April 23, 2011

April 23, 2011

Good Morning,

 Busy day a head of me today. chasing kids around for their sporting activities and hopefully getting my second day of chest exercises in today. I worked my legs pretty well yesterday and finished them with weighted leaps. OK sounds a little odd I know. I hold 50 lb dumbbells in my hands and jump over the bench turn around and jump back over for 3 sets of ten. I get into a very deep squat and explode up and over the bench. I am hoping this will help get me more explosive power out of the squat. Well if you are following my exercise program today is a day off for you. Have a great day!

Tip of the day:
The tip of the day comes from a friend I met at a USAPL meet. She is a personal trainer. Her tip or quote
"Never let your age be an excuse for not pursing your dreams! Age had nothing to do with you staying healthy. You can look and feel like your twenty, you just have to work at it!"

Great statement Katia. www.Ocpowerlifters.Com

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