February 15, 2012

Perpetual optimism is worth millions and has the power to transform people

Rant and Tip for February 15, 2012

Quote:” Perpetual optimism is worth millions and has the power to transform people.” General Rick Hillier

A truer statement has not been said. Optimism is described as “a disposition or tendency to look on the more favorable side of events or conditions and to expect the most favorable outcome.  We need to do this in our lives a lot more than we do. I work for a company that does not use the word problem. Instead any instance of a perceived problem is either a challenge or an opportunity. An Opportunity for growth as a person, or an opportunity to fix something and make it better is how we look at things. Of course there are challenges along the way and always will be. If we take each challenge regarding creating better eating habits or getting into an exercise habit as an opportunity to improve we can be optimistic in our thoughts and be successful.

When approaching you way of eating in an optimistic way you can leave the self doubt and get over the challenges a lot easier. Beating yourself up for slipping up and eating something you shouldn’t have is counterproductive and will only lead to more cheating on your diet. If you make the mistake own it and move one. Make it an opportunity to learn what you did wrong or what led you to make to make the mistake in the first place. Life is full of opportunities and so is learning how to eat properly for your own dietary needs.

I find when I approach a workout session with an optimistic attitude every lift becomes easier. Every set get stronger and I just look forward to getting stronger. On days I am unable to complete a set, I look at that as an opportunity to do better next time, to push harder, and work on my technique. Each training session or workout session is approached with a positive attitude. I know that is what my body needs and my mind and spirit desires it as well. Remember we need to treat our body as a temple. Today is another bench day for me. I usually work in the bench shirt on Wednesday but since I worked in it on Sunday today will be free weights and no bench shirt. 

Have a great workout!

Tip: I had someone recently ask me to look at his workout for chest day and one thing I noticed except for dumbbell flies he was not doing very much dumbbell work. I have noticed during my workouts that dumbbell bench pressing in a decline, incline and flat bench that I can get a great squeeze in the chest at the top for each rep with the dumbbells. I do not get that with a bar. When doing dumbbell presses, count to 3 on the way down and 3 on the way up. When you get to the top, touch the dumbbells together and squeeze at the top. Keep your reps between 10 and 15. This is more of a body builders workout and not a workout for strength.

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