February 19, 2012

: Find something you enjoy doing and do it!

Rant and Tip for February 19, 2012

Quote: Find something you enjoy doing and do it!

Well  have given it some thought and the real reason I post here is simply because I like to. I truly enjoy helping and giving motivation to the few people who still come here to read my blog and I do find it helpful for myself as well. I enjoy writing this blog and the more people that take the time to read it the better. However I am not going to stress of losing a some visits.

Just like your training your are going to have up and down days and maybe even weeks in your training. I am not going to let a few poor days let me stop writing.

I trained with my 42 Super Katana today and it felt good. I used releasers with a top weight on the bar of 474 pounds and then a press of 366 which went up easy.

I will train the muscles for more pressing power tomorrow. It is funny after training in the shirt I truly do not feel like I have had a power workout. Maybe that is just the nature of the shirt. Bottom line is though the stronger I am raw the, in my mind the stronger I will be in the shirt. So I train both.

Woke up to a perfect body weight for training and working toward my March goals.

A little advice for you when dieting. Pay attention to your body. Learn the difference between hunger and thirst. Many people do not realize that many times there body is not hungry, it is actually thirsty. I find when I am drinking enough water I definitely eat less. Funny this though I need the fuel. So I have to be careful as well. This is why I stated take the time to get to know your body.

Have a great workout and stay focused on your diet!!!


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  1. I WILL wake up to a perfect body weight someday. I hope it will be soon. It's nice to see your smiling face again.