February 10, 2012

Have the courage to act on your dreams

Rant and Tip for February 10, 2012

Quote: “Have the courage to act on your dreams - leave behind you the internal forces that hold you back.” Unknown

If you dream of being fit and healthy and truly want that in your life, you need to believe in yourself and leave behind you the negative thoughts that dwell inside you. We all have those little demons in our mind that does not want us to succeed. This is that little thought that pops in your head that tells you that it s ok to have that piece of cake or go ahead eat that pizza it is only one slice. Have the courage to avoid these urges and do not listen to that voice, no matter how persistent it is.

Now that my weight is under control you all know my shift has turned to fitness for all. It does not matter how old you are or young for that matter. If we keep our bodies fit then we have the ability to truly enjoy life. Recently I was talking to an acquaintance and the person said to me, your blog is about power lifting and I do not want to become a power lifter. I thought about this for a second and then asked them if they had read my blog. I know I mention my meets and the training I do for the meets, however I do not believe I have geared this blog towards power lifting. As a matter of fact at this point in time the exercise programs I have set up for my readers are not the routines I follow. My exercise regimen is very different. If you read my blog today, please take the time and read some back post as well. I am interested I you have the same perception of my blog. Leave me a comment or send me an email I would like to hear from you.

I have recently been asked a lot of questions regarding an associate who is trying to lose weight. However no matter how strict he feels he is being with his diet he states he is putting on weight.  If he is being totally truthful and at this point in time there is no reason for me to not believe him, I have to believe he metabolism is wreck. He is stressed over the whole situation and blaming the diet plan he is on. Meanwhile thousands of people have followed the diet and have succeeded. I have stated many times everyone is different, when it comes to their body and how disciplined a diet needs to be can really depend on that persons metabolism. Some foods will stall and even make people gain weight. I am going to try to put something together for this person to follow for just 2 weeks and see if we can get him losing some of the weight he has gained. I do not live near this person and will have to trust that he follows it to the letter. Let’s see if I can get him losing.

Today is Friday and the workout of the day is;

Friday: Arms
Skull crushers - 4 sets 10
close grip bench or Cable push downs -4 sets 10
Overhead triceps press - 4 sets 10
Bench dips - 4 sets 10

Dumbbell curls - 4 sets 10
Preacher curls - 4 sets 10
Concentration curls - 4 sets 10

For myself since I had some challenges this week I will be attacking my squats with a vengeance. I am looking forward to feeling the weight on my shoulders and powering through some max effort sets. This will entail a long warm up period because unlike my bench workouts where I warm up pretty quickly, my legs seem to take forever.

Have a great workout!

Tip: Get to know your body and warm up properly before your attempt any heavy lifting. The warm up period gets the blood flowing into the muscle and does actually warm the muscle.

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