February 28, 2012


Guest post written by Derick Burks
My father in law knows a lot about cars. He grew up working on cars and has taught my husband and his brother a lot about cars too. They own several cars that they bought just to rebuild. They call them “project cars.” They have a huge garage with a lift and so many tools to work on cars. Every time that my car has a problem, I can take it to my father in law to have it fixed, instead of paying to have it fixed. My father in law has recently decided to get his mechanic license so that he can make some money off of his hobby. He decided to start a auto mechanic business in his garage at home. He started by just working on cars of friends, and then started doing a little advertising and now he has a lot of regular customers. He went to www.t1internet.net to set up his phone and internet for the business. I am glad that he has turned something he loves doing into something that helps him make a little extra money. I am also glad that I don’t have to ever worry about where to get my car fixed.

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  1. I can totally relate on your post Jim, my old pop is also fond of automotive repair. He is a professional,works in an insurance company yet when someone needs him to do their cars,he is up to it. So when he retired, he made our garage his own repair shop.That is why I got him the best tool sets I could find and guess what, he was happy.