February 9, 2012

Unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes; but no plans

Rant and Tip for February 9, 2012
Quote: “Unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes; but no plans.”   Peter F Drucker

You must be committed to making the changes in your life, to be successful. If not you are just making an empty promise to yourself. You know it and so do I.

I was sitting enjoying a cup of hazelnut coffee at work yesterday morning and saw a friend of mine. We got talking about diet and fat loss. This is getting to be a habit with me. Anyway he mentioned that a friend of his, I wonder what he pays him, told him fat loss is 80% diet. I told him I agreed.  You can work out till you are red in the face but if your diet is not tight you will only put on muscle and tighten those abs under the fat. Now I am all for working out and tightening the muscles under the fat. When you lose the fat they will show nicely. All the crunches in the world will not get you six pack abs. Well that is not exactly true, you will get them, and you will just need to remove the layer of unwanted fat to see them. As you are all well aware I prefer the low carbohydrate way of eating. Others prefer low fat and they are thin and healthy. The one thing we both have in common is commitment. Like many of us we have a fear of commitment. It is the fear of having the same thing day in and day out. At least that is what I think it is. I know it can be tough to say no to some of the foods that you think you love. Let’s take my diet as an example and a few conversations I have had in the past month or so. One man I know who lives a low carb lifestyle thought that he would miss pasta. Well he caved in and had some, what he came back with from this experiment was he did not miss the pasta; he missed the sauce and other ingredients that were on top of the pasta. Another friend just last night said to me, OMG you don’t ever get to eat pizza. I said yes I do, and told her I use a low carb wrap for the dough. By the way Atkins does sell a low carb protein rich flower for baking and I bet I could make pizza dough out of that. Anyway I just want to remind you if you commit yourself to a diet commit completely. You will build better habits and be thrilled you did. If you want to get some recipe ideas check out some of my friends’ links on the right side of this page.

Today is Thursday and shoulders work out is the call of the day. Here is a simple shoulder workout you can follow for today.

Dumbbell press - 4 sets 10
Side laterals - 4 sets 10
Front dumbbell raises - 4 sets 10
Bent-over dumbbell laterals - 4 sets 10

For I will also add in shrugs for myself as well as my rotator cuff, lower and upper trapezius exercises.

Have a great workout!

Tip of the day:
To help yourself stay committed in the morning take 10 minutes for yourself and right down your menu for the day. Make sure you are getting whatever your allowance is based on the type of diet you choose, of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. This will help you stay on track and when you are tempted to eat something that is off plan thing about what you read today. Heck, print it down and read it when you need that extra boost of will power.

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