November 28, 2011

Your truly lazy people are your hardest workers

Rant and Tip for November 28, 2011

Quote: “Your truly lazy people are your hardest workers” Jim Kipp

I know you are sitting there thinking has Jim lost his head. Try to follow me on this one. I am not talking about those people who are basically lazy. I mean the truly lazy person who is so lazy they do it right the first time so they do no have to do it again. The truly lazy person does not want to have to do something twice so they always do it right the first time with out any short cuts that will come back and haunt them. The laziest people work harder and do not cheat on diets or skip out on their exercise because they do not want the hard work of getting back on track. When I was a kid we had horses and in order to off set the cost of buying hay we would bring it in from the field for the local farmers. Well as I would look out in the field I would see 20 bales to bring in. I had a choice at that point do I make 10 trips or do I make 20. Well I took the lazy way out and carried one bale in each had. Yes I struggled with the bales, but I only had to make 10 trips instead of 20. Yes that was lazy of me. Even if others thought look at Jimbo, he is carrying 2 bales at a time instead of 1. We also burned wood to heat our home. When it came to bring in the wood to burn, I would load as much as I could possibly carry so I would not have to make as many trips to the woodpile. I know it sound kind of funny to think your laziest people can be your hardest workers, but you have to remember it is only the laziest of the lazy who are the hardest workers. Mildly lazy people always get themselves in trouble because they are too lazy to be lazy enough to get the job done.

Benching for me today and a good amount of ibuprofen. My shoulders are sore. I took the past 4 days off from lifting in an effort to let them heal. They really just ache and I find it hard to sleep. I have been tossing and turning a lot lately. I plan on going heavy today to get my body use to the load. On Wednesday or Thursday I plan on benching with the bench shirt and hope to have my body ready for some heavy weight. Something around 370 I really want to get past 400 pounds by May.

Getting back on track after a few days off from lifting can be tough to do. I will not have a problem with it as the gym is in the building I work in. This makes it very easy to get back on track for me. I do understand what some people have to go through to get back on track though. So try first of getting your gym clothes ready the night before. If your plan is to workout when you get up, try sleeping in the clothes you plan to workout in. I know it sounds a little odd but when you wake up you will not have the excuse not to go exercise because you have to get changed and dressed to get going. You are already half way there.

After a holiday some people will let the holiday be their excuse for getting off track. I do not have this challenge since I eat a low carb lifestyle. I enjoy all the vegetables with butter or cheeses sauces and also get to fill up on the turkey. I love the dark meat. I know though that some people like to eat a low fat diet and I can understand how that is difficult to follow. It seems everything on the table has a lot of fat. Including the dark meat I enjoy so much. I guess that, for me I made the right diet choice. I cannot imagine not getting to enjoy all the foods I do. I even had a small portion of potatoes. I did skip the stuffing all together and did not miss it. I was to full from the delicious meal my wife’s Aunt had prepared. It was a feast to behold and I truly enjoyed it. Every year I am asked to carve the turkey and this is a pleasure to do. I do not remember how I fell into this part of the tradition but am glad I did.
Tip: When going to someone else’s house for the holiday plan ahead. I know what my family is having so there is not too much I need to plan on at this point. However if you know are going to a home where the menu may not be friendly to your way of eating offer to bring a dish to share with everyone and you will be able to enjoy at least that dish. I also very much believe you will be successful in finding other items to eat on the table.

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