November 13, 2011

Double MY Weight Bench Press

Good morning everyone. I don't normally post on Sunday, however I wanted to let you know how I did at the meet Yesterday.
Had a great meet in Johnson City yesterday. Won the Gobbler Open and hit a Personal record in Bench press. Bumped up my NYS Record by over 10 lbs. Then went for twice my body weight. I weighed in at 161.8 and benched 325. I got the weight up with a pause at the bottom and then looked at the lights to see if I got three white lights. Alas it was not to be. My right foot slip forward and I got red lighted for it. You can see my foot move in the video. I will post it later. They also said my but lifted. I have to trust the judges on that. You cannot see it easily in the video. Still all in all I hit twice my weight but did not get to count the lift for the meet. They say one in a million people can bench twice their weight. I am so stoked to hit that number. In a sanctioned event.
I will post tomorrow with pictures and video and even some tips on what I did differently.
See you tomorrow.

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