November 24, 2011

Assisted Living ???

I have a brother that is disabled due to a motorcycle accident. Fortunately Catholic Charities is a huge help for him. He is able to live in his own apartment and has assistance come in to help him. Knowing this recently a friend from New Jersey was discussing with me how saddened they were that they had to look into senior care for a family member. Now I know just like anyone that the ideal situation for any of us would be to have that senior family member stay at home with us. However the fact of the matter is that sometimes that just is not a possibility. I am curious what everyone’s thoughts are on New Jersey Senior Care. There are several types of facilities where the family member actually stays there. However New Jersey senior care is different as the care takes place in the patients own home. I cannot imagine what a relief that would be for the whole family. The patient gets to maintain a level of independence and the rest of the family can feel comfortable with the choices made. So if anyone has an opinion please let me know.

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    Assisted living is relatively new in the health care industry. It is for disabled or elderly people who are not well enough to live at home anymore, but not sick enough to need a nursing home. Assisted living residents generally need help with bathing, dressing, managing medications, getting to and from doctor’s appointments and other basic activities for daily living. Thank you...

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