November 22, 2011

That which does not kill us makes us stronger.” Friedrich Nietzsche

Rant and Tip for November 21, 2011

Quote: “That which does not kill us makes us stronger.” Friedrich Nietzsche

How many times have you experienced a situation that just set you off or tried your patience. Or better yet had a workout that just seemed to fatigue you for the rest of the day. This just makes you stronger. Even when it comes to your diet, take a moment and think about this. As an over weight individual you probably were taking a short cut to a shorter life. If you can take control of you life, recognize your triggers and really focus on making the lifestyle changes that are necessary then you will be a stronger person when you are done. You will have be able to show others an inner you that although you deep down already knew was there, will come shining through to the surface. I have said this before I am always in awe of a person who is over weight and takes control of their lives to achieve goals that they have set for themselves.

Benching went well yesterday and I felt great. A little tired and maybe an little under fueled but felt pretty good. I kept my workout light and will go heavy next week. To get to the next level I need to start doing 315 for reps. I am going to start another 5x5 cycle and at the end of the cycle I will be benching 320 for a set of 5. During this training cycle I plan on using a pause at the bottom of the first rep and finish the rest with a touch and go. The touch and go should keep the pump in the chest for the entire set. After the 5x5 sets the thought is to get some support work done on the shoulders and triceps. The stronger the tricep the bigger the lift.

Diet is vitally important right now. I want to get stronger but not so much bigger that I cannot make the 163 lb weight class. I am good right now so it is a matter of just tweaking the diet here and there. Now for those of you not training to compete and are just looking to lose weight the most important thing to do is track everything you put in your mouth. When you do this you will see that maybe there is a little to much food being taken in. There are many free food trackers out there such as FitDay and FatSecret. Both are nice online apps and I think you can download an app to your iphone or other mobile devices.

Have a great workout!

Tip: With the holidays coming around many people panic about their diet and decide to abandon their diet all together. This is not something I suggest. Plan ahead

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