November 16, 2011

Gobbler Open and A couple Special Athletes.

Team OMG Founders
Rant and Tip for November 16, 2011

Quote: “Chuck, if you were a hell of a lot stronger, you’d have made that lift.” Marty Gallagher,

This quote is great. This is why we train so that whatever we attempt it will be easy for us. Let’s try to apply this to our everyday life as well. If we had stronger will power staying on our diet would be easier. If we strength train hard enough that bag of groceries will be a lot lighter. If we push our selves harder that half marathon will go by faster. You see it does not just apply to powerlifting. It can apply to everyday life.

Laura Monroe
I missed out on training yesterday and will make it up on Saturday. I had family things to take care of today. I really missed going to the gym today. I just love being there and hitting the weights. Tomorrow night I will start training in the shirt again. One day a week Raw to maintain my raw power and one day training in the shirt to learn to use the shirt to my advantage and hopefully bench over 400 maybe even 450. I am so looking forward to hitting some big numbers. I will do weighted core during the day around lunchtime and then working in the shirt in the evening. Going to need baby powder to get the thing up my arms. I think I will be doing board presses and incrementing the weight as we go. I will keep you updated.

Hmm let me see what else can I say about the meet last Saturday. Oh one thing I was very impressed with was the number of female lifters. It was great to see a large group of woman at the event. Let me also say to all those people who like to stereo type that we are not talking about muscle bound woman. I am talking just strong woman of all weight classes. You really need to check out an event someday and really admire the strength of these athletes. Lastly I want to make a special note of the Special Powerlifters. Just like you have the Special Olympics we have lifters who while dealing with their own challenges, are compelled to challenge the weights as well. They are just as dedicated as any other lifter at the event and I have to say I do not think any of them has gotten a red light and this is not because they are special. They just do not give in to mere steel. Congratulations to Chase Stewart and Emily Clarke!
Chase Stewart

Emily Clarke

Have a great workout!

Tip: If training for strength less reps with a  heavier weight is the way to go, while training to add on size you will want to have your reps between 10 and 15 per set.

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