November 10, 2011

"That is not you!, " Anyone who sees my before and after pictures!

Rant and Tip for November 10, 2011

Quote: "That is not you!, " Anyone who sees my before and after pictures!

Only two days till the Gobbler Open and my weight it perfect at 166.2. 165 will be easy for Friday afternoon. This will be an exciting event. I get to compete against a friend who has made some great strides in his bench and I will have to have my “A” game for this meet. The last pound I will take off in water weight. I can actually do this by just maintaining where I am and not drink any fluids after 5:00 tonight. I should weigh in at the most 163. Which is the weight I need for the world meet in May.

Actually a full day of rest as far as exercise goes unless I choose to change my brakes on my car tonight. I thought I heard some grinding last night and will need to fix them before I leave or rent a car for the trip. I may just rent a car as I can probably get something that gets better gas mileage. If I don’t do the brakes tonight then they have to wait till Sunday.

With a day of rest comes strict eating. Low carb and adequate protein and fat so as to keep my body out of a catabolic state. This is the reason I try to only run for 30 to 40 minutes when I do run. Running long periods of time will put the body in a catabolic state and being a powerlifter the last thing I need is to lose muscle because I am not eating enough.

Yesterday I found myself in a discussion with 4 new employees in the break room. We were discussing weight loss and diet. One of them basically said fat is bad for you and when I told them all the fat I eat they were dismayed. I gave them one of my cards that have a before and after photo on them. They could not believe the difference in the pictures. They kept saying no way. Then as we got talking the one girl said this sounds like Atkins and stated that people get sick on Atkins. I told her about my improvement in blood work on Atkins and also informed here that you can get sick on Atkins and we call it the Atkins flu. I explained that fat is stored in the body for fuel in case it is needed later. Then I explained that when those fats are stored they also store toxins. When you lose the fat and your body starts burning it for fuel you are also burning off those toxins. They get released back in the body and that is why you will feel sick. It is not really an Atkins WOE that is making you sick if is your body getting rid of the toxins that were stored. I also explained that Atkins gets a bad rap because people do not read the whole book and they do not get themselves to phase 4. Then of course I had to go through the phases. How do I get myself into these discussions? I guess it is just who I have become.

Have a great workout!

Tip: Do not believe all the myths out there regarding any diet. Get the books and read about them. Take the time to choose the correct eating plan for you!

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