November 21, 2011

Train like you compete! Unknown

Rant and Tip For November 21, 2011

Quote: Train like you compete! Unknown   

OK back to training hard my friends and yes that does include my diet. For those of us that follow a low-carb lifestyle I have to say I am surprised at how that waffle over a week ago brought on cravings I have not had in a couple of years. I am now past the craving but also have learned another lesson. Low-Carb tortillas can be just as bad. I do not know if it was the flavor or just having the bread substance that was ultra moist that got to me but in one day I ate a whole package. I even made a peanut butter sandwich with it. (No added sugar in that peanut butter) Anyway I will stay away from them as well. I have had a few more friends ask me about my diet again and how much I exercise. They are always surprised that I only exercise and hour a day. However, when it comes to my diet they seem to feel they cannot give up the sugary sweets they crave. I try to explain to them to just take one day at a time and give it a good 2 to 3 weeks and their craving will go away. I am waiting to hear back from them.

Benching today again today. I am working on a new workout and hope to hit a new PR in the next month. Since I am pressing double my body weight not I am excited to get to the next goal. Hitting 335 with a pause then going up to 350 with that same pause. Hard work and dedication will get me there. While at the gum yesterday squatting and doing good morning I met a young kid about 23 years old. He was doing chin ups with a 45 pound plate. Not bad at all for a young kid, heck that is good for any age.  When I was done squatting and I was on the leg press machine he came over and asked me where I got my squat shoes. I told him and then we got talking about different lifts and powerlifting. He asked me what I bench and I told him how I did at the gobbler open. He stated he was benching but was not real strong at it. I told him based on his form I may be able to add 20 pounds to his bench just by tweaking his form. He said OK show me. We went over to the bench and with in 15 minutes I added 20 pounds to his bench. He was stoked and looking forward to hitting the bench again. Benching is a multi joint compound exercise. Done properly hit muscles from your lower body as well as your upper body. It is one of the big three exercises, Squat, Bench and Deadlift, if you only hit those three exercise three days a week you will put on muscle and get stronger. Of course you should add in supportive exercises as well but those three are the big boys of the gym exercises.

Have a great workout!

Tip: When squatting as a daily exercise and not so much to get ready for a meet make sure you are just breaking parallel with your squat. You do not need to go to the point you thighs rest on your calves and make sure you knees do not go over your toes.

Oh one more thing while I am thinking of it. Recently a friend from New Jersey was discussing with me how saddened they were that they had to look into senior care for a family member. Now I know just like anyone that the ideal situation for any of us would be to have that senior family member stay at home with us. However the fact of the matter is that sometimes that just is not a possibility. I am curious what everyone’s thoughts are on New Jersey senior care. There are several types of facilities where the family member actually stays there. However New Jersey senior care is different as the care takes place in the patients own home. I cannot imagine what a relief that would be for the whole family. The patient gets to maintain a level of independence and the rest of the family can feel comfortable with the choices made. So if anyone has an opinion please let me know.


  1. hey nice tips n info wesley.. following u now on.. :)

  2. Thanks for the tip re 2-3 weeks and carb cravings should go away. Any tips for how to get through those 2-3 weeks? This is definitely my weak spot!

  3. take it one moment at a time Ruby