November 17, 2011

Albany’s Men in blue are top notch”

Rant and Tip for November 17, 2011

Jim Kipp and Marcus Morris
Quote: “Albany’s Men in blue are top notch” Jim Kipp

OK I know it really isn’t much of a quote by I want to thank the Albany Police department for doing such a great job. My wallet was stolen last night and they were able to recover it very quickly. Very nice job gentlemen!

Now back to our regularly scheduled program. I worked in my Katana Bench Shirt again last night. We did 2 and 3 board presses. Still working on getting the right stroke. By the end of the workout it all felt pretty smooth. Next week I think we will go heavy and see what we can get to touch the chest. The biggest thing about these shirts is how tight they are. It is amazing squeezing into these shirts. It takes a handler to actually pull the shirt up your arms. While he is pulling it reeks havoc on his fingertips. He has to grab the fabric of the shirt with out pinching the skin underneath and try to pull it up the extra half-inch or so. My shoulders feel pretty good today compared to the first 2 times I had the shirt on. I can definitely see me getting up to the 400 plus mark in this shirt.

Since I did not get to squat Tuesday I think I will hit squats today. I think box squats or pin squats will be the call of the day. I have to get a training log and start keeping track of everything I am doing. I am told it will help me identify sticking points and assist in breaking plateaus.

I am back to my usual diet routine but have to admit the dam cravings came back after one waffle and some toast on meet day. I find it interesting how that happens. I had to be the sugar and the quick digestion that gets to me. At work yesterday there was a pasta salad set out for anyone to have. It looked so tempting. I really had to hold myself back. Will power is a funny thing. We need to use it all the time. Whether in relation to food or not. We need to learn to apply our will power and stay focused on the goals at hand.

Have a great workout!

Tip: Proper form is vital in all lifting. Work on your form with lighter weights that way when you go heavy it is all second nature to your muscles. Now here is a video of poor deadlift form. The not so funny thing here is I know this guy and he usually has great form.

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