November 1, 2011

Exercise in comfort

Rant and Tip for November 1, 2011

Quote: Exercise is the elixir of life!

You may remember me talking about working out in scrubs some time back and how comfort is important to your workout. You need to have the ability to move in your clothing without restriction, unlike benching in a bench shirt, which is very restrictive. If you are not comfortable then you will not be consistent in your workouts. Remember why you are at the gym or even in you home gym, why you are there. You are there to get fit. No one says you have to be a fashion plate to workout. Besides you do plan on getting all sweaty right? Anyway I ordered my scrubs from They are comfortable and lightweight, as long as the gym is warm enough these things are great. I do not wear them when I am benching though. I prefer a tighter T-shirt when I bench or a tank top for that exercise. I am not sure why, again it is just a comfort thing. If you are interested in discount medical scrubs then you should check them out.

Exercise for the day:
Single Arm Rows 4 sets of 8
Wide grip lat pull downs - 4 sets 8
Seated rows - 4 sets 8
Close grip lat pull downs - 4 sets 8
Shrugs - 4 sets 8
Cable pull through 4 sets of 8

I will do these with the heaviest weight I can handle to get the reps out.

Have a great workout!

Tip: When doing the single arm rows be sure to keep your back flat and concentrate on pulling with the lats.

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