November 3, 2011

Commit yourself to making the changes in your life that you want to make. Make it happen!

Rant and Tip for November 3, 2011

Quote: Commit yourself to making the changes in your life that you want to make. Make it happen!  

I am going to work legs tomorrow and then I am going to take the rest of the week and next week off. My shoulders are aching I really need to make sure they are well rested for the 12th of November. Right now I am not feeling real confident. I did go to the gym last night and followed my warm up routine and then went for an opening lift of 305. I am hoping it goes up faster on the 12th than it did last night. I did work shoulders earlier in the day and had done drop sets of 5 dumbbell shoulder presses. Starting with the 75lb dumbbells. It is funny the toughest part of the workout is getting the dumbbells up to the shoulders. I did them seated today on other, days I do them standing and that really hits my core as well. After doing the shoulder presses I did lateral raises and front raises. Of course these are done standing and I make sure to keep my core tight and in control. Lastly I did shrugs to hit the upper trapezius muscles, since the gym I was in today only has dumbbells up to 75lbs I used those for the shrugs. I am sure that is why the opener went up slow. However to be safe and make sure I am well rested, no upper body work until lifting time comes at the meet.

I had something rather interesting happen to me today, I checked out a gym close to work that has more of the equipment I need to reach my goals. It will be very convenient to go there on my lunch hour. I truly enjoy going to Albany Strength once a week but I really need something closer to my home and work. I try not to take to much time away form my kids to train and being able to hit it on my lunch and one-day a week at Albany Strength works out pretty well for me. Anyway as I was about to leave these to young guys came up to me to talk to me. The one had recognized me from meeting me sometime ago with a co-worker. He recognized me and proceeded to introduce me to his younger brother. He knew that I compete in power-lifting meets and wanted to know how I did at the National meet. It was a new experience for me to be recognized by someone for power lifting and fitness. Yes you all in cyber land only know me as this guy and many close friends at work know as well. This was a person who I had only met one other time and it was not during a meet of any kind. It was a nice feeling.

While I was on Facebook last night a friend from high school ask me for suggestions regarding losing weight around their mid-section. She stated she was going to have hip replacement. I suggested getting her diet right first and then when her doctors say she can workout to let me know. She proceeded to let me know her sister teaches Zumba. However that is in Boston. She stated she knew her diet needed to be addresses and then told me how her father had lost a lot of weight by cutting out sugar and snacks. He now eats a lot of veggies and healthy meats. HMMM sounds a lot like a low carb life style to me.

Tip: When performing seated military presses with a heavy weight, and I mean a weight you cannot curl. Try holding weight in your hands and place the weight with your thumbs up on your knees. Move the weight out to the edge of you knee and while lifting your knee quickly and with authority throw the weight up to your shoulders. Once you have the weight in place you will be able to complete your sets. I will create a video of this process for you in the near future.

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