September 30, 2011

What you view as impossible today can be probable tomorrow.

 Rant and Tip for September 30, 2011

Quote of the day: What you view as impossible today can be probable tomorrow.  Unknown

Good morning, I feel great today. I went to bed early and although I tossed and turned last night I got some good sleep in between. The quote above came to me this morning off the top of my head. I am not sure if it was just sitting in my memory or if I have truly come up with one of my own. Many times we think that it is impossible to change our eating habits or our desire to exercise or just get our exercise in.  However, if we take the time and put forth the effort what was seemingly impossible yesterday can now be probable. You can make the changes in your life that are needed to be successful in your health and fitness goals. There is only one person in your way. YOU!

Today will be a weighted core day for me. When I say core I mean the entire core not just the abs. You can hit these groups of muscles many ways. Some of the big heavy exercises hit them, like the squat. Let’s first the lower-back, many people have lower back problems and if we work that area maybe we can avoid having them in the future. Cable pull through and back extensions are great for the lower back. If you do not have access to cable machine you can use a dumbbell in the same fashion. Hold the dumbbell with two hands straight out in front of you. Your legs should be wider than shoulder width. Then bent at the waist keeping the rest of the back straight bend and bring the weight down between your legs. You may feel a stretch in the hamstrings as well on this one and this is a good thing.  I will be doing these today as well as the back extensions. We can talk about the rest of the core another day. In the mean time you can go to my Video of Exercise page and see the rest of the core exercises there.

Well it was bound to happen, my electronic scale as died. I am one of those people that weigh themselves every day. I know I know it really is not necessary but it has become part of my routine. It always kept me focused. So I will be without a good scale in the morning. This may be a good thing and I can really focus on eating healthy. Getting all my vegetables in can be a struggle sometimes and I have promised myself to make sure I get them in. I talk a lot about protein and getting enough protein in. I am pretty good at making sure that happens. It is the vegetable intake if anything I am not getting enough of. I am a huge fan of broccoli, asparagus, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, green beans and all leeks. There really no excuse not to get them in. Make sure you eat your vegetables. Now I sound like your mother LOL. Hmmmm I do not remember my dad telling me to eat my vegetables.

Have a great workout!

Tip: Go to the market today and pick out your favorite fresh vegetables and prepare them the way you like them. Have them on hand and ready to go. My thought here is since no one likes to waste money and since it is a fresh vegetable you are more inclined to eat it than let it go to waste.

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