October 1, 2011

Sciatica and Back Extensions

Weekend Post for October 1st

I was hoping to have a guest weekend poster, unfortunately they may not have had time to put something together. So I thought I would post a little more about working the lower back and how it can help you as you get older. It seems to me and this is just my opinion of course that we tend to neglect how backs and then expect it to support us for the rest of our lives. When I was younger I did not work my lower back at all. Yeah I did all the things a young kid does, Lat pull downs and lots of benching. However, I never worked my lower back. I remember getting this over bearing pain in my lower back that ran down my buttocks. It was a sharp pain that made it difficult to walk or sit. Let me tell you being a short order cook at the time it made my job very difficult. Eventually the pain stopped coming back. I later learned it was Sciatica. I wish I had sought sciatica treatment in NYC back then.

I have a fellow co-worker who is currently going through a lot of pain due to sciatica. He has trouble walking and is going through physical therapy at this time. He is being advised to seek sciatica treatment in NYC. While I do not know the cause of this condition, what I do know is that many of the aches and pains I get are due to muscle imbalance. If  I had worked my lower back more when I was young or if my co-worker had did more lower back exercises as a younger man maybe neither one of us would have had to go through this pain. Once this type of condition does develop and it chronic, I would have to suggest getting professional help. After doing some research I think for myself I would seek out the assistance of New York Pain Care. They specialize in sciatica treatment.

One lower back exercise you can start doing is the cable pull through. It is an excellent lower back exercise. If you do not have a cable follow the motion you see in the link except hold a dumbbell in your hands. Back extensions is another exercise I suggest. If you do not have access to a back extension machine you can use any bench and although it will be a little awkward you can do it by positioning yourself with your upper body extended past the bench and wrap your legs around the bench to give you balance. 

Have a great workout!

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