October 14, 2011

“I failed my way to success”

Rant and Tip for October 14, 2011

Quote:  “I failed my way to success” Thomas Edison

I have failed many times in the gym and even with my diet. I continue to push forward and work harder to be the best I CAN BE. Thomas Edison failed many times when working on the incandescent light bulb. He tried many different filaments and failed repeatedly until he finally got it right. That is what we must do when adapting a new lifestyle or taking on a new endeavor. We all know that the people with the greatest success in life are the people that are not afraid to fail. I look forward to failing in my next training session.

 As I look at the stats on my blog it looks like my following is growing again and I hope you all take the time to look around and see what this site has to offer. As you can see I am an Amazon associate and if you already shop at Amazon why not start here. I have a page for exercise equipment, Atkins products, supplements and one page that I fill with request from you the readers of this blog. There are exercise videos and even exercise programs you can follow. I think at the next meet that I do I will ask one of the experienced lifters to show you proper form for the lifts at that event.  You already know I power lift and I assure you the routines on this site are designed for all abilities, from the beginner to the more advanced exercise enthusiast.

You all know I am a big proponent of strength training with weights or even your own body weight. The home cardio machines are good and if you have them you should use them. Strength training will actually help you burn more calories when you are at rest though. As you build muscle you body works harder to maintain that muscle which in turn burns more calories and depending on our diet will burn off more body fat. At this point in my diet and strength training regimen I work pretty hard for an hour a day. All the time trying to get stronger and build more lean muscle mass. Of course as I do this I am eating more food that you can imagine and still maintaining a lean physique. I try not to get caught up in the scale unless I am preparing for a meet.

Have a great workout!

Tip: For those of you that can only do one pull up here are some suggestions.
  • Chin-ups. Chin-ups are done with your palms facing your and are easier than Pull-ups. If you can't do 1 Pull-up, try Chin-ups. Alternate Chin-ups with Pull-ups when you get stronger.
  • Resistance Band. Attach a resistance band to your pull-up bar and loop it around your knee, like in this video.
  • Ask For Help. Ask someone to grab your side with his hands. Let him help you on the way up by squatting down & pressing up.
  • Kipping Pull-ups. Swing your hips while pulling yourself up until you get stronger.
  • Routine. You can also try this strength training routine to increase your strength on Pull-ups (or Chin-ups).
  • Use a chair. Use the chair to get yourself up to the bar and step off the chair, lower yourself slowly, this is a negative you with repeated work you will get stronger in the pull-up

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