October 12, 2011

You’ve only got three choices in life,

Rant and Tip for October 12, 2011

Quote: “You’ve only got three choices in life, Give up, Give in, or Give it all you got. “ Unknown

A friend sent me this quote last night and I thought it was really worth mentioning today. This applies to many aspects of life. For the sake of this blog let’s keep it diet and exercise related. Although I can think of other areas this can apply to but those areas really need two people to give it all they got and sometimes that is not meant to be.

As far as exercise and power-lifting this hit home with me today. I want to do a full power meet and next year and hopefully be competitive in my age and weight class. This means I have to GIVE IT ALL I GOT! I did this yesterday with my squats. I did a hundred squats yesterday. 10 sets of 10 at 265 lbs. Not a heavy weight but a heck of a lot of reps. I am looking to build muscle memory here so when I go much heavier my muscles remember what to do. Dead-lifts will be on my schedule later in the week again higher reps with a lower weight to build the muscle memory on the form.

If you recall I was resting my right bicep as it was diagnosed with bicep tendonitis. I still feel pain in the bicep and have decided it is what it is. I had gone through physical therapy and was impressed with the physical therapy documentation process. Every time I went in regardless of the therapist I went to they knew what changes were made and what was next on my agenda. I know your thinking well yeah that is their job to know what is going on. However to be honest how many times have we gone to a specialist only to find out they had you mistaken with a different patient. It really isn’t their fault they see so many people in a day it is just crazy. Insurance companies have almost made it a processing plant. Thank goodness for good physical therapy documentation processes.

As far as changing you eating habit and the above quote, we have all given up on a diet, or gave in to temptation. Let’s try something different and give it your all. Make it a lifestyle change. It is longer a diet you are on. It is you daily diet that meets your nutritional needs for the rest of your life. It took me to understand it is a lifestyle change for me and not just a diet that made the difference.

My workout today will be some benching with a bench shirt in the evening and during the day some back work. I will have a separate day for arms as they do get it on the other days. Also since I will be doing dead-lifts on a regular basis and will be getting a good stretch in the bicep I want to make sure it is not over worked.

Have a great workout!

Tip: When doing single arms rows take the time to look in the mirror and make sure you back is straight and not rounded. If it is rounded use a lighter weight and get your form correct.


  1. And you caught me again my friend, I have given in, haven't gave up, got off track over vacation and feeling it. Your always here with the best advice, thanks for that Jim
    Steph :)

  2. AWESOME quote! Thanks for the reminder that whatever we choose, it's our decision to make and often, we choose by default (doing nothing.)

    (I like the tip about the single arm rows too...)


    Kim Nishida