October 25, 2011

Exercise: you don't have time not to.

  Rant and Tip for October 25, 2011

Quote: Exercise: you don't have time not to.  Unknown

I have the statement “you don’t have time not to” many time over the years. I once worked for a company and it was vital to have information at my fingertips, and know where to get it quickly. Co-workers would ask me “how to you have time to keep your desk so neat.: I would respond “I don’t have time not to.” I was bar far more efficient at my job being able to access the information quickly and accurately with a neat desk. While I have not heard this statement made regards to exercise you all know I believe this to be true. I have mentioned before the importance of making time to exercise to the point of suggesting you make it an appointment in your calendar, just like an appointment with a doctor, or lawyer. This will solidify your time to exercise and allow you to fit it in to your schedule literally.

Worked on my benching yesterday and I really think it is a time to lighten the load for a bit. My shoulder joints and wrist were sore. Not a muscle fatigue but a pain in the joints. With my meet coming up on November 12th I will lighten the load now anyway and not push at heavy loads until the day of the meet. I was able to do some dumbbell flies that did not hurt the bicep tendonitis, it did feel a great stretch in the muscle but only a little pain. I can work through that. Sometimes we have to push our bodies beyond it’s limits to get to the next goal and really if you think about it, if you are able to push past it, was it a limit at all? Just some food for thought there.

Speaking of food, How is everyone doing with their changes in diet? Are you staying on plan? Remember the key to success is tracking the food you put in your mouth or are going to put in your mouth. I tend to put my whole menu in Fitday in the morning and then print that out. As I go through my day I will check off what I have eaten and what I have left to eat. For me the challenge is eating enough. Lately I have not felt like eating at all. Although I am not hungry I know my body needs the fuel.

Have a great workout!

When performing lunges make sure not to step to far in front with you lead foot. This can put a lot of stress on the upper quads and you could pull something. I learned this the hard way.

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