October 19, 2011

Katia Porretta

October 19, 2011

Interview with Katia Porretta

No Rant today, I decided to do something a little different today. The first Federation I lifted in was the USAPL. The event was in Albany NY. At this event I met a woman power-lifter named Katia Porretta. She competes in the 105-pound weight class. She currently holds NYS records and continues to work hard to hit bigger numbers.
Here is an interview with Kat.

WJK: When did you first start working out and why?
Kat: I started working out when i was 15yrs old.  The first time I was in the weight lifting room in high school I was hooked.  My high school sweetheart trained me very well.

WJK: When did you first compete in a powerlifting event and how did you do?
Kat: I was always a strong weight lifter.  Strict Powerlifting starting in my early thirties.  I’m the strongest I’ve every been. I met a great mentor named Frank Panaro.  He took me under his wing as soon as we met.

WJK: You are a personal trainer, what would you say is the most important factor in someone picking a personal trainer?
Kat: Picking a trainer is not as easy as one might think.  You need to like the person and respect them.  Trust them not to hurt you .  Make sure the trainer has knowledge in his field.
WJK: You specialize in training at home, can you elaborate on what you think the benefits of this service is?

 Kat: I choose to train people in the privacy of their own home.  They are more relaxed.  They know having me keeps them stay honest.  Appointments are made and kept. The client goes through a vigorous workout with me always. The client feels great and proud of themselves.

WJK: Tell us about your diet, and do you modify it prior to a meet?
Kat: My diet is usually the same now.  Most of my carbs are in the morning. I start lowering the grams as the day progresses.  I eat 30grams of protein at every meal.  Fats are limited but not taken away and no sugar or added sodium before a meet.  I like to stay lean at 105lbs.
WJK: What are your favorite exercises?

Kat: Benching is my favorite exercise.  I placed 11th in 2009 national!  Nice birthday gift!
WJK: Least favorite?
 Kat: Least favorite is front squats.  I love having the bar on my shoulders. 

WJK: How much cardio do you do, and for someone just starting out, how much would you suggest they do?

Kat: I do cardio everyday. It’s my lifestyle just like showering.  I always tell my clients 5 to 6 days a week/45 mins.  It’s like a savings account; the more you put in, the more you get out of it.

WJK: What supplements do you take?
Kat: I take my multi-vitamin and mineral every day.  My pre-workout drinks on powerlifting days.  I drink 64 ounces of water at least a day. I take Creatine on workout days, vitamin C 5 days a week and b12 everyday.  I also take a calcium magnesium zinc combo at night. The rest all comes from food and drinks.  Tons of protein shakes after my workouts.

TIP Kat:
Do your best every workout for that day. Do not over-train any muscle group.  Know exactly what foods you are inhaling.  Have fun and enjoy your new improved body!


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