October 2, 2011

Eating Healthy at college!

Well it has come to my attention that I have some followers at some local colleges or at least some parents of college bound children. The question has been asked “How to Eat Healthy at college?”  To me this does not seem as hard as you may think. Yes most colleges have fast unhealthy food available for easy access. Just like the rest of society. The real challenge is adapting the mind to think how to eat healthy anywhere I am.

We all need to do a better job of dictating our own destiny and not letting the world dictate it for us. The reason the entire fast food restaurants serve the substance they call food is because we buy it and eat it. When we stop going to these places they will change their thought process and start providing healthier options. Just like many of you I have a busy lifestyle and find myself often having to grab something quick to eat. I often will grab a salad while I am out and have them modify it to meet my needs. This can sometimes take a little longer but I am getting what I want and need and they are getting paid to provide it. So, “How to Eat Healthy”, no longer becomes an issue of where I am it is more of an issue of mind set.

There is no need to put on the dreaded freshman 20 pounds that every college student dreads. Make wise healthy choices and take responsibility for your own healthy meal choices.

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