September 14, 2011

Your Body Needs Strength Training

As I sit here my mind is blank. I think I have writer’s block. So let me see what I can come up with. As many of you know I competed at the USAPL Nationals. This may have qualified me for the IPF Worlds in South Africa. The challenge there is to be competitive I would need to put on a Bench Shirt. A Bench Shirt will increase the amount you can bench press. They are very tight on the body and give a little spring when you press the weight up. I am going to try a shirt for kicks today. I am not going to stop lifting Raw, I still prefer lifting unequipped. The 100% Raw motto is “Where lifters compete, not technology.” I like that type of lifting.

I still have the carrot dangling in front of me and will continue to work on my arch and push to new levels. I have a meet in November and then my first USAPL full power meet in December. My first 100% Raw competition full power meet will be in March. Those are the dates I have set at this time.

Many people consider strength training to be only for athletes. What they need to realize are we live in different times. Years ago children walked to school, adults were splitting wood and carrying it in to the fireplace or wood stove. Buildings did not have the elevators and escalators hey have today. Stairs were used very often. Recreational time was spent engaged in playing ball, climbing trees, running, jumping, and hide-n-seek, instead of parked in front of a video terminal playing video and computer games. At the same time in the United States food has gotten less expensive and instead of taking care of the garden and eating what we sow, be just go buy it and it is full of sodium and high fructose corn syrup. The Food and Drub administration preaches a diet, which is high in carbohydrates and low in fats. Obviously this is not working as we as a nation are at our heaviest.

Our bodies are amazing machines that have the ability to alter themselves in response to loads placed upon them in such a way that future; similar loads will be less stressful. Likewise, they can and will adapt to having no loads or exercise placed upon them, becoming increasingly weaker.

Many years ago when a lot of time was spent engaged in physically demanding activities, peoples' muscular systems were stimulated daily and consistently. So going out of the way to engage in strength training was generally unnecessary.

Today however, unless you have a physically demanding job where you are lifting and straining most of the day your body need some level of strength conditioning. You may need to give up some of that leisure time modern day technology has given you to pull that body back into shape.

HMM I guess I broke my writer’s block!

Have a great workout!

Tip: Turn off the TV, computer (only after you have read my blog everyday) and grab your MP3 player or IPod and go for a walk. Walking is a great exercise that will help get you started. While on your walk draw a little attention to your self and after a 100 yards or so pop off a couple

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