September 21, 2011

Where you start is not the most important part it is where you finish!

Rant and tip for September 21, 2011

Quote: Where you start is not the most important part it is where you finish! Unknown

I said this to someone yesterday and they said to me that is a great quote for your blog. I am not sure if I heard it someplace or it just popped into my head. Send me a comment my friends and let me know if you have heard it before.

When you start your diet or as I like to say lifestyle change you need to know where you are when you start, however more importantly knowing where you are going and how you want to finish. You need to keep your eye on the prize, the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Not the Twinkies you left at the beginning. That is why I believe where you finish is more important.

The quote applies to lifting as well. It does not matter what you have accomplished in the past or can do today, as it is history when you are done doing it. Look for the finish line and push to it. My friend, who works out with me, had never strength trained before we started 2 years ago. His bench was week and I give him credit for ignoring his start point. He has worked hard and concentrates on where he wants to be to finish. He hit a new personal record for himself last Monday. He knows it is more important where you finish than where you start. So start strength training today and keep you on that point in the far future where you want to finish. The set a new goal and shoot for that finish line.

Have a great workout!

Tip: When choosing a workout partner, make sure that partner will be as dedicated or maybe a little more than you. Make sure you talk to each other and encourage each other to reach one another’s goals. You both need to be on the same page. 


  1. sigh! i haven't been working out for ages now :( i am impressed with the photos here...and i haven't heard of that quote before..may be it is indeed yours :)

  2. Thanks Chintan, I have 3 workout schedules here start at the beginners and work your way up.

  3. I've always worked out off and on ... never stuck to it.. I think that the person you workout with plays a major role in "keeping at it"

    I often get so confused in the gym.. where to start, where to finish, what to work on .. etc. I definitely need to do some homework ..

    Btw... I found your post in the Ultimate Blog Challenge group.. I'll be back to revisit :)