September 6, 2011

Bench Press Nationals Results

Hello everyone,

Well it was a fantastic weekend. I had a wonderful time and met some great people.

First let me thank my training partners at Albany Strength and my training partner at WorXout Karl Gerstenberger. Karl always pushes me to the next rep and the knowledge and training exercises the group at Albany Strength provide is incredible. At Albany Strength let me thank; Money Mike, Jimmy G, OX, Johnny O, Big Eddie S,  and Big Z.

Here is my winning lift.

I took first place in the Open Division and am now considered a National Champion. At the meet I met Steve Patrencak, and Dr D Fronzaglia. Steve coached me with the amounts to enter on my lifts and as I sit here have to be honest in stating he was a huge help to my success. Now as far as Dr. Damian Fronzaglia, I want to thank him for not entering the OPEN division. That man is a true phenomenon. He is now in the same age group as me. He benched an incredible 385 lbs at a body weight of 74 kg or 163 lbs. This is more than twice his weight. While I took second as he and I are in the same age group he didn’t enter the Open division and without him in that division I was able to take the National Title. Thanks again Damian. Here is his 385 lb lift.

It was a great battle between me and Wade Kish for the National Title. Wade outweighed me by .8 kilos. This meant all I had to do is bench whatever Wade benched. It really put him on the hot seat. On every lift I made sure to put my attempts at the same weight he attempted. So as he put in an attempt of 303 on his second lift I did the same. What this meant is as we both made the weight I was in first place based on body weight. Then when he put in his 3rd attempt at 314 lbs I did the same. Wade being the competitor he is upped his attempt to 319. Which he has completed before. I did the same and increased my third attempt to 319 as well. Neither one of us had anything to lose at that point. However it still put Wade on the hot seat. He had to make this lift or he was in second place without me even attempting my lift. Wade noticed I increased my weight to 319 and came back to me to let me know he noticed. I told him I had to and being the competitor he was he just said good luck and I said the same to him. A class act kind of guy right there folks. I am sure it was a head game for him as much as it was for me. When he attempted his lift he got stuck several inches off the chest and did not complete the lift. This meant I had won at that point, but I still needed to attempt my third lift. Well being the head case I am, while I was walking towards the bench getting my mind psyched, the announcer, announced that I was the National Open Division Champion. Well let me tell you, I was like the High School Geek that just got asked to the Prom by the Head Cheerleader. It totally blew my psych out of my head. I should have stopped right there and composed myself better, but I didn’t and made my attempt and failed on my lift as well. That part was very disappointing.

Tip of the day:
This one comes straight from my own experience. I see many lifters listening with headphones before their lifts. As soon as they go to make their lifts they through them to the side and go right to work. Maybe if I had been listening to something I would not have heard the announcer. Or maybe it is just a matter of keeping my head in the game better. Bottom line here is whatever you need to do to keep yourself going through your workout, DO IT. You will be happy you did.

                                   The awards ceremony


  1. That is so great Jim, I am happy for you and it was all worth it.

  2. Great job Jim! It looked too easy! I hope to see you in March back at Fayetteville YMCA for their annual meet!

  3. FULL power that day Fred. Hoping for 330 by then and Maybe 400 squat and 470 or more on the deadlift

  4. Nice write up Champ!! Good luck in March. Remember when it gets heavy push harder!! ;)

  5. Thanks Damian, I am glad you checked it out and approve. Also I may use that quote in the future. "When it gets heavy push harder!!. I like that.